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SG1 Sustainable Technologies

Our SolarGrow SG1 systems provide private investors and land owners with decades of technical and managerial expertise for small and large-scale farming, business planning and profitability through strategic decision-making.

Our solar powered SG1 and green house technology is designed for optimum yields, also new production techniques and technologies are monitored for calculated returns on program investments at all project stages.

Crop Protection is just as important as Crop Production, we support all our partners in all aspects of the crop production cycle/s.

Our renewable energy Water and Irrigation systems offer cost effective production and cost savings, as well as supporting our horticultural rain catchment systems, which play a key part in our sustainability program's.

SG1 systems act as a long term 'on site' crop production and research center's for training program's as well as plant development program's. Best practice and quality control of germination and seedling production is standardized, as the system has its own simple production methodology and test lab capabilities, we also recommend the solar powered weather station unit, which is invaluable as part of any horticultural program.

Specific Sub Sections Include (Solar PV plug & play):

  • Seeding - Propagation
  • LED Lighting
  • Water Harvesting 
  • Irrigation
  • Ventilation
  • Hydroponics

If you would like to know more or visit one of our production sites, please contact our Technical Sales Deptartment.

Our Unique Services Also Include

  • A Full Range of Crop Growth & Pest Treatments
  • Soils Testing & Soil Rejuvenating Program's
  • Waste to Soils Systems
  • Solar Well & Irrigation Systems
  • Hydroponics Systems
  • Solar Cooling Systems