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Growing Partners

Growing Business & International Crop Production Partnerships:

We pride ourselves over our SG1 Horticultural Systems and our training program's, which combined with our sustainable business is expanding our international production partnerships.   

Crop Protection is just as important as Crop Production, we support all our partners in all aspects of the crop production cycle/s.

Our renewable energy Water and Irrigation systems offer cost effective production and cost savings, as well as supporting our horticultural rain catchment systems. 

"Growing & Protecting" Successful Business Partnerships

Our unique horticultural services provide private investors and land owners with decades of technical and managerial expertise for large-scale farming, planning and profitability through strategic decision-making, optimum yields, climate change planning, new technologies and returns on investment, at all project stages.

With over 25 years of international experience and success with co-partnerships & operations in the UK, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.